Posted on: July 9, 2010 4:22 pm

The Ringling Bros. Had Nothing on This Circus

Congrats to LeBron James for becoming, pretty much overnight, one of the most hated men in the NBA outside of Miami, and possibly in sports.  The way he handled free agency was a complete joke and a disgrace from day one.  Starting with him saying after his Game 6 loss to the Celtics that he'd meet with "his team" (no, not the Cavs, but his business team) to discuss what direction he should go, to making NBA teams come to HIM to make their pitch on why he should sign with their respective teams, to one of the biggest spectacles I've ever seen with that "special" on ESPN last night.  Absolutely pathetic; I'm just glad his little sideshow is finally over.  To Cavs fans, I really do feel for you and your city.  I thought the only way he would come close to redeeming himself for that show last night was to announce he was coming back to Cleveland.  Instead he slapped their city in the face by announcing on national television that he was leaving.  I understand he is/was a free agent and he has every right to sign with whoever wants.  But to leave your current team hanging like that throughout this entire ordeal is despicable.  I can understand why Cleveland, the Cavs organization, and their fans would be upset; they kissed his ass, treated him like a God, and turned a blind eye to his ever-growing petulant attitude and egotistical behavior; and for what?  To be stabbed in the back in front of the entire country.  You know what they say about karma, LeBron; don't be surprised when it comes back to get you in the future.  After all this, I think a lot more people are starting to realize what this guy's really like.

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